The Minimun age to join the company is 14 years old..

After being incoraporated in the company by staff member, you are required to make one flight from your main hub. The management reserve its right to delete your account if you fails to comply.

After his incorporation, at the request of the pilot, he may ask for his account to be removed from active duty.

The company will deactivated any pilot that didn't fly at least one time for a 3 months period. Pour la réactivation du compte, The reactivation will be done by contacting a staff member through the following email (lyonsavoieairlines@gmail.com) or over Teamspeak.

If you need to take a leave of absence, please inform the company.

When you are flying for the company, please connect as much as you can over teamspeak, the use of this system should not be a constraint for the pilot. all the chat rooms are available if the pilot wish to concentrate on his flight at hand. Signaling your availability allow any staff member to reach any pilot for information of help.

The use of the tracker VA financials is manadotry for flights logs to be up to date. The validation of the flight allow you to check the flightlogs in order to improve your flight skills and ability. The 250 Kt for the undercarriage has been enforced in the system.Lowering the landing gear for speed over 250 is subject to penalities and equipment breakdown, liable to repair and charges for the company.

The flight ration for all pilots should be maintain at 100 in the VAFS system.below the threshold of 100 ration, the mamanegemnt will ask the pilot to follow courses to imporve his flying skills.

The online flight wether it is under ATC supervision or nor is not manadotry. Pilots are allowed to fly offline.The online systems ( IVAO, FSCLOUD, VATSIM etc ..) have their own regulation, we will request that pilots follow them without prejudice.

All the flights hours accumulated will allow you to rose through the ranks in the company. You will start as "Warrant secodn officer" to rise to the coveted level of "Silver star".

The company does not take into account previous flight experiences acquired in another company (VA).

Anyone engaging in Comments of an offensive nature, with pronographic, pedophilia, racist or xenophobic, praising any war crimes or discriminating and incitment of hate against any group or persone will result is a dismissal without notice by Lyon-savoie-Airlines administration

Safe Flights to all !

Alain.D (dudusax) 09/01/2018 V.1.0