FSX ou P3D doesn't start
For P3d: Did you check if any background message is asking for any confirmation?, etc? Did you recently installed an "ADDON" which altered any "DLL" library; check in the following path C:Users" your windows account" AppData\Roaming_Lockheed Martin_Prepar3D v3.

For FSX: Please check in you Flight simulator installation folder if the file "scenery.cfg"or fsx.cfg is not altered or corrupted.

I am using a Mac or Linux computer - what should I do
Please install A PC with Windows.

What aircraft am I allowed to fly?
You can fly any aircraft that meets the same category as the one you chose in VAFS system.

Airplanes textures won't show properly in the simulator
Please check if you have downloaded the latest files of the aircraft. Check also in the Airplane folder of the aircraft if the file aricraft.cfg relates to the plane you want to fly.

How can i download the company airplanes textures?
In the forum website, donwload section!.

Can i use a similar aircraft to do my company flights?
Please check three paragraph above.

How do i register in the forum?
Please contact staff member Anthony.J( LSA2607) for more information.

VAFS hanged, and my flight haven't been processed.
Please check that your VAFS application si closed, then copy and paste this link on your favorite internet browser: http://vafinancials.com/v5/pilotcenter/processflight.php
Go to your VAFS installation: C:\Program Files (x86)\VAFS5\Logs or C:\Program Files\VAFS5\Logs. Click on Browse
search for your last flight in XML format, then click on processed this flight.

I won't be able to make a flight? what should i do?
According to rules and regulations, any leave of absence should be notified to any staff member.

Do I have to fly from my current position and on schedule time
You can fly anywhere from any of our Hubs, by doing a jumpseat,if the route hasn't been created, the jump will be charged.

Do I have to fly on an online network
Nope.Pilots are free to fly offline or online at their own discretion.But, to enhance the experience, it might be better to use online networks!

I am new to Flight simulator and i want to fly only with Big birds?
Start slowly on an airfield pattern, soon, you will be a great pilot

Is there any flight training department?
Not yet, but we are hiring!!.

I am a real life captain, how may i be of any service??
Whaou ! We will definitely benefit from your huge experience, furthermore, you will be able to help in the question asked above....

My Bonus hasn't been takeninto account, what happened?
Please leave some time for our staff to process your request

My Saitek Throttle yoke and stick for, flaps etc.. is not responding or is having an abnormal behaviour what to do?
Please redo Calibration in FSX or P3D.

Any donation is required?
There is no obligation to donate for the company to run its operations. But , any help will be greatly appreciated in order to pay for VAFS licences, teamspeak, website and the file server.

After a carenado addon installation, I get this error message "when startup p3d get error CMeteoxml.dll" asking me wether i want to load it or not. how to resolve this issue?

CmeteoXml.dll is Carenado weather radar, in order to fix this issue, please locate the "DLL.XML " in folloowing path AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D V3\dll.xml.
as follows:
check the line: CMeteoXml and edit it as follow
False to True
and False to true